the self-fetishization of east-asia: koreaboos & weebs aren't the only problem

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#Tags: the self-fetishization of east-asia: koreaboos   weebs aren't the only problem   cyberpunk   japan   culture   korean   south korea   hallyu wave   korean wave   why is kpop so successful   kpop history   jungkook   jimin   lisa   jennie   aegyo jennie   taehyung   bts funny moments   orientalism   exotic orientalism   asianfishing   asian-fishing  

Video description
people who fetishize east-asians are cringe... but could those people involve east-easians themselves? i talk about various topics such as aegyo, asianfishing, orientalism, and the potential positives of self-fetishization. also, i need better lighting.

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0:00 intro
3:26 self-fetishization: the physical
8:21 side note on cultural appropriation
10:25 aegyo, kawaii, & sajiao
15:45 self-orientalism: the exotic commodity
19:20 soft power
21:35 anime
23:29 south korea & k-pop
26:47 tourism
30:36 empowerment in self-fetishization?
33:41 outro

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