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The Untold Truth Of In N Out Burger

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Chances are that if you've ever been to In-N-Out Burger, you were sold after your first bite — that toasted sponge bread, the fresh-never-frozen patty, the grilled onions, the secret sauce — it's the antithesis of most drive-thru burgers. It's no surprise that the chain that has long been heralded the "it" fast food restaurant since its opening in 1948, has managed to gain a cult following that other burger joints could only wish to achieve. Though there's plenty of talk of the chain's not-so-secret menu, there might be a few unknown tidbits that even the biggest aficionados don't know about their beloved burger spot. We're digging into some surprising In-N-Out Burger facts, but be warned, you might get a little hungry…

How to really "animal-style" | 0:46
The secret secret menu | 1:22
Special deals for law enforcement | 1:53
New on the menu | 2:35
Secret messages | 3:12
Famous chefs are loving it | 4:12
Managers make bank | 5:27
High-end swag | 6:21
The heiress to the burger fortune | 7:00

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