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These Famous Events Are Actually Totally Made Up

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Memorizing details and dates in history class is something everyone can remember hating, so let's add a little insult to injury: a huge number of those events never happened at all. It turns out that a lot of history is complete fiction, like these iconic events.

These days, real estate in Manhattan goes for over $1,700 a square foot, and that's pretty hard to fathom. It wasn't always that way, according one of the most commonly repeated stories from America's colonial history. That's the tale that says the whole shebang was once sold by the local Native American tribes to Dutch colonists for a mere $24 worth of beads.

The point is an important one, and it's meant to illustrate what a historically bad deal the Native Americans got when they traded some trinkets in exchange for what is now some of the most valuable real estate in the world.

But, that's not exactly what happened, and the truth is a lot more complicated. For one thing, that $24 figure has not been adjusted for inflation since historians first reported it in the 19th century. These days, the total would be about $1,000. It's still not a fair price by any stretch, but not quite as low as the story goes.

Additionally, the original deed of sale has been lost, so we don't even know exactly what goods were traded. We can get an idea from the deed from the deed of sale of Staten Island, though, which tell us that Native Americans got clothing, gunpowder, kettles, lead, axes, knives, and other tools that would have certainly been more useful than beads.

Lastly, the Natives most likely saw this sale as giving usage rights to the Dutch, not relinquishing the land wholesale. Unfortunately, even this modestly better bargain didn't work out great for them, either.

Watch the video to learn more about these famous events that are actually totally made up!

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Something doesn't add up | 1:32
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The naked truth | 3:50
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