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This Is How LA Lakers' LeBron James Spends MILLIONS On His Body

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NBA basketball player Lebron James is VERY serious about his health and fitness. From cryotherapy to using normatec recovery boots, the king spends a lot of money on his physique.
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As one of the most successful athletes in the world, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that LeBron James is invested in his health and fitness. When he’s on the court, he’s focused entirely on basketball. But even when he’s off the court, keeping in shape for basketball is always at the forefront of his mind. LeBron has been accused of acting like a diva in the past for prioritizing his health over public appearances, but when you’re that determined to succeed, there's nothing that you would let jeopardize your career. As one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, LeBron is no stranger to spending large amounts of cash on expensive treatments to ensure that he stays at the peak of his fitness. His investment in himself has definitely paid off, and he shows no sign of changing his routine anytime soon.

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