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Top 10 Teen Tantrums | World's Strictest Parents

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Video description
We reached 100,000 Subcribers!! As a thank you we thought we'd upload the Top 10 Teen Tantrums that have helped the channel get this far. Be prepared for screaming, swearing, and of course, tantruming. Do you agree with our favourites? What moments do you think are the best teen tantrums?

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10. Teen Throws MAJOR Tantrum When She Can't Smoke! ▶
9. Teenager Threatens To Kill Parents When They Confiscate Stuff ▶
8. Dad Kicks Teen Out Of House For Appearance ▶
7. Teen Freaks Out At "F**king Fat Bible Basher" Mom Controlling Appearance ▶
6. Teen Blows Up During Apology ▶
5. Teen Storms Off When Farmer Won't Pay Him ▶
4. Emotional Outbreak ▶
3. Bag Inspection Causes Emotional Break Down ▶
2. Sneaking Out & Freaking Out ▶
1. Teen Rage During Dinner ▶

Think you've got the World's Strictest Parents? How do they stack up against these ones. From cutting logs to walking into ponds these parents have the answer to any disobedient teen. How would you survive against the World's Strictest Parents?
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