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Trope Talk: Power Of Friendship!

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Video description
You asked, you received! This is one of those tropes that tends to polarize along maturity lines - Very Serious Adults are all like "this trope is trite and stupid" while People With Joy In Their Hearts are like "I enjoy being reminded of the good in people's souls". Guess which side I'm on!

So today let's talk about the Power of Friendship and all the fascinating ways it can be used and abused.

A MINOR CLARIFICATION: While the "I shall now torture your friend" thing is certainly done, the "your friends have broken in to save you, this is very convenient as now I can torture one of them in front of you" is a variant I have *never* seen done, and is the specific trope instance I was discussing at the end of the video.

Do you have a favorite instance of the Power of Friendship or any of the discussed subtropes, like the I-Know-You're-In-There-Somewhere fight? Drop it in a comment!


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