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True Love?|Gacha Life Mini Movie|GLMM|Read Desc|

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Video description
Heyo my Cookies! So this was supposed to be a Valentine’s Special So don’t be in the comments “Valentines day is over...” cuz Ik. Anyways all the audios in the GLMM aren’t mine they belong to they’re rightful owners. I’m sorry you had to wait a long time almost 3 weeks that’s cuz this GLMM was a pain idk how many all nighters I pulled off with this plus the thumbnail took three hours (inspiration, ideas, boredom, etc.) So again I’m sorry my Cookies. Anyways hope you have a nice day or night! ~Cookie :3

Credit to mclelun for the background in the beginning

All Audios Belong To DooPiano And/Or Smyang Piano

Smyang Piano:

All audios used in the GLMM
(In order)

Butterfly Piano Cover

I Need You Piano Cover

Fake Love Piano Cover

(TWIT) Piano Cover

(Promise) Piano Cover

YES or YES Piano Cover

bts - 4 ó clock lofi ver.

bts - run lofi ver.

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