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Unsolved Deadly Hit & Run Accident With Expecting Couple En Route To Hospital

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HAVE YOU SEEN THESE MEN? These two men chose to drive under the influence on November 12th, 2018 in Hemet CA. They slammed into a couple named Alyssa and Ricky Sandoval, were headed to the hospital to deliver their daughter, and sent their car flying into a ditch upside down! They fled the scene and left them. Alyssa was stuck in the car upside down 9 months pregnant and could do nothing while Ricky took his last breaths next to her. Alyssa and her baby Daisy survived thankfully, but sadly Ricky did not survive the crash. We need to find these men! If you have information that could help police, please contact them here (951) 210-1091. Their names are Alan Guzman, 19, and Mario Ortega, 29
Help the family:
Let's get #JusticeForRicky!

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