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Watching "The Mummy" With An Actual Egyptologist

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Video description
Take THAT, Bembridge Scholars!
I have always wanted to collaborate with the amazing, beautiful, BAD. ASS. Dr. Colleen Darnell, so I asked her if she would want to sit down and watch one of my absolute favorite movies, "The Mummy". I have always been super curious how much of the movie was factual, and how much was dramatized for Hollywood, and I finally got my answer! Still the best cheesy action film ever though, hehehehe.

Colleen's info:
John & Colleen's Netherworld Book:
Their Youtube channel:

TikTok: @rachelmaksy

PO Box 1819
Plymouth, MA 02362

Hope you all enjoy my reaction as I watch The Mummy for the first time. Full length reactions & Patreon only polls:

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