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Who I Really Am // Inspired // GLMM by ChelseaDaPotato

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Video description
Hello lovely potato legends 😗✌️ (im not sure if I should start calling you guys that. idk you tell me 😭)

This video was inspired by Mango Lassi95 so please sub to her channel:
She’s really underrated 💙

And for those of you who tend to quickly assume I “copied”, please watch the whole video first, then state your opinions 💙

But here’s the second part to my 200k special uwu 💙 tysm once again, for helping me reach this incredible milestone 🦋 I wuv chu all so much 🥺🥺💙

There’s really nothing I did to make this “special” but I’ve tried green screen and animations and some other editing tactics, but that didn’t work out well as you can see 😗👌 there are visible green outlines, the zooms were unnecessary, and the animations were weird- but I tried 😭 hopefully they don’t bother anyone

Prop credits:
- Blue/Green bowl with random white stuff: @buanana_furaido
- Cake prop: unknown but not mine
- Book prop: unknown but not mine. I just colored it and worded it
- Inhaler: image found on google (not mine)
- Coins prop: from google (not mine)
- Grave: from google (not mine)

- animated background by Senpai Wolfie
- The rest of the backgrounds were found on Pinterest and Gacha Life

The girl’s outfit used in the thumbnail and near the ending of the video is made by @acnithetree

(Please let me know if I missed anything regarding the props, backgrounds, outfits, etc.)

oooo also also- credits to Centurie for being an amazing mentor on the thumbnail so please go sub to her as well:

Apps used to edit thumbnail:
- iBisPaintX
- PicsArt

Apps used to edit video:
- KineMaster
- Video Star

Music used in video:
Hina Fading:
Stay With Me (Piano Version):
Cinema Sins:
Let Her Go - Passenger (Music Box Cover):
Stay With Me (Guitar Version):
Like I’m Gonna Lose You (Guitar Version):
Fluffing A Duck:
The Process:
Hmm. I think that’s it. Please let me know if I missed any 💙
The rest of the songs were found on KineMaster

I think that’s all 😗👌 hopefully you guys enjoyed this video (which I doubt but it’s whatever lol)

The goal was to make this story heartwarming but I think that failed hehe

Why can’t I have this much motivation for all my videos 😔

But yee that’s about it. I’m tired so GOODBYE :P
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