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ZooPhobia - "Bad Luck Jack" (Short)

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Video description
Musical score by Gooseworx!
Enjoy this cartoon about Jack, a sweet pup with supernatural bad luck -as he lets his best friend Zill help him with his curse, for better or worse!

Set in the fantasy world of the 2012 webcomic "ZooPhobia" by Vivienne M.
BASED on the comic's characters!

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JACK: Bryson Baugus
ZILL: Joe Zieja
KAYLA: Reba Buhr
SPAM: Eric Shonk
VANEXA: Kayli Mills
RUSTY: Ben Diskin
AUTUMN: Sam Shown
DAMIAN: Alexander Yap

Sam Miller (LEAD)
Benjamín Santiago Ávila
Selene Einar Guerrero
Amanda Heard
Kiira Onew
Vivienne Medrano
Kelsey McMeins
Magpie Raven Blackford

Yizhen Hou
Amy Heard
Lorenzo Estrada
Kaylan Peattie
Diego Mejía Pacheco
Carolina Páez
Rafael Cauich Rivera
Austin Kalista
Adam Bohorquez
Matthew Margerison
June Kind
Sebastian Velazquez Fajardo
Kressent Rhodes

Gabriela Pérez Valle
Brandon Islas Madrigal
Emiliano Rangel
Julio Marquez P
Daniel Martínez Hoyo
Alma Pereyra
Adolfo Rodríguez
Kevin Martínez Bringas
Austin Kalista
Sebastian Velazquez Fajardo
Kressent Rhodes
Michelle García
Benjamín Santiago Ávila
Amy Heard
Diego Mejía Pacheco
Yizhen Hou
Dennis "Snonny" Moreno

Ashley Simpson
Amanda Heard

Abdullah Moatasem
Vivienne Medrano

Vivienne Medrano

Sara 'Serval' Fisher (LEAD)
Vivienne Medrano
Carolina Páez
Michael Boggs


Jane Walker
Vivienne Medrano


"Make A Start"
Written by Andrew Stein
Composed by Sam Haft
Performed by Cristina Vee and Sam Haft

"The Curse"
Written by Andrew Stein
Composed by Shady Vox and Sam Haft
Performed by Don Darryl Rivera

"Monster Fighting Time"
Written and performed by:
Parry Gripp

Supervising Sound Editor & Sound Designer Kennedy Phillips
Re-recording Mixer Sean Oakley
Music Mix & Studio Manager Hamed Hokamzadeh
Mixed at MelodyGun Sound Studios
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